Four Reasons To Buy From A Used Car Dealer

At some point in time, nearly everyone will purchase a vehicle. When they do, they find that there are millions of options. Last year, more than 54 million automobiles were sold. Of those, about 40 million were pre-owned. Here are four reasons why people should choose a used car dealer over a new one.

Better Investment

Studies show automobiles that are purchased new are driven for about seven years, on average. Those purchased used are driven for about five years. Using the average depreciation rates for automobiles today, a vehicle would be worth approximately 20% of its original value after seven years. By shopping with a used car dealer, customers avoid the massive depreciation that all undriven models suffer from. A pre-owned auto will depreciate as well, but not to the same extent.

Better Value

The average cost for an undriven automobile is roughly $32,000, compared with $15,000 for a pre-owned model. Much of the difference in cost, as discussed above, is due to depreciation. The instant an undriven vehicle leaves the company’s lot, it loses almost 10% of its value, simply because it is no longer considered mint. If one vehicle costs 10% less than another, and the only difference is a few miles on the odometer, the cheaper option will always win.

Similar Safety Features

In decades past, purchasing a new vehicle might get the consumer enhanced safety features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, or skid control. These days, all cars come standard with air bags and anti-lock brakes. Skid control is standard with select manufacturers. As long as you don’t buy a model that is too old, your auto will be every bit as safe as the latest model.

Similar Reliability

The old adage is that you should never repair a damaged vehicle if the cost is more than half of the auto’s value. So, when a costly repair came around, people would buy a fresh model. However, with the increase in competition between domestic and foreign markets in the 80s and 90s, all models have become more reliable. Since 1995, when studies began, the average age of cars on the road has steadily increased. Today, of the 250 million cars in the U.S., the average age is 11.7 years. Consumers expect automobiles to last, and they purchase them for their reliability. As a result, there is a plethora of reliable, quality models available from any used car dealer.

In conclusion, the choice between new and pre-owned vehicles is an easy one. An auto from a used car dealer will give you the same level of reliability and safety as new cars. Pre-owned vehicles, on average, cost less than half the price of new ones and depreciate significantly less. If you are interested in getting the same features as a new auto, but for less money, then the pre-owned market is for you.

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