Our Failures Prove Meaningful – A Note To Steve Jobs’ Stanford Revelation

‘Now each of you is going to name his or her most favourite life motivator. One whose philosophy you adhere to unconditionally,’ said a psychology professor in an integration class for university novices when the academic year rolled out, straight after my high school graduation. Fresh, inexperienced and village-originated, it came out soon that I feared myself from mingling with loud, aggressive and several pontifical city-grown-ups, so that my concentration in classes gradually decreased and hangouts with somebody alike was out of question.

Despite arrangements for stay at my elder aunt’s and my family’s pride on first member for a long time accepted to university, I was suffering. Even though I was surprising myself with study results in detested courses such as Math or Meteorology, there was no experience of the ‘student life’ for which many end up missing their academic years once over. I felt and was mostly alone; taking piercing looks and by-comments to heart, fighting it with ever more in-depth self-studies, long-runs and well-being simulation. Wearing a mask grew oppressive; my uncle back home was progressively submitting his self-conscience to Parkinson and, meanwhile the second term, he died. Attending mourners were greedy for uplifting information on my progress, building another level of oppression with stressful expectations from me. Another elder aunt’s health back home was getting down. Finally, I announced inevitable year-interruption of my studies, which of course turned out to be my own choice of spillout as well.

I did not have my ‘motivating pacemaker’ back then, except that I was possessed with spiritual works of Paulo Coelho and thus named him to the class, which was met with recognition, say nearly everyone knew him and nearly no one named religiously non-iconic or mass non-leading examples. I had never thought of Paulo Coelho as my inner motivator and I had not appointed him to be. I merely stretched out for him in emergency. Now I know that, like him, I like entering people’s ‘interiors’ to weaken their cancers of self devaluation and of world malady impression.

Steve Jobs, a renowned life motivator, gave one of his most winning stimulating public revelations with a tint of academic-commencers reflection. May this realistic picture of ‘failures’ do not shatter anyone’s stability based on wrong presumption that ‘one needs to lean on a successful life-inspiring person’ where only the success deems inspirational. For knowing the successful side only leads to copying. Whereas knowing the true struggle, which preceded, leads to the essential learning.

And so amiable Steve Jobs unloads significant portion of feared concerns from the newly admitted Stanford students by serving them the truth of life inevitability to failures, which are going to turn in their favour, as long as they do not settle by giving everything up. No theatrical sugar talk, but a seemingly ‘dramatic’ BREAKFAST OF HOT REALITY, DRY FEARS AND HARD-BOILED OUTCOMES to waken them, the still unfamiliar young ones, and, at the same time, to remind the experienced ones, that ‘NO ONE IS EVER TO ESCAPE’ the ‘final count-down’. Thus cherish your limited time, ignore the dreary surrounding opinions and become passionate about ‘what you truly want to become’, because no one else but us sets the verge of the road.

Incidentally, outside of Jobs’ opening speech we received a complementary tool for unsettled hunger for life and ‘foolishness’, and that is Steve’s discovered and developed SKILL OF PERCEPTION, OUR INTERPRETATION of passed and contemporary to near and distant future.

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